First, why should I trust Rainbow Bridge Hearts with my Loved ones Ashes ?

This is THE most important question on each client's mind. Shipping your cherished loved ones Ashes across the country is hard enough. How do you know we can be trusted to take the care necessary to honor your loved one as you would? 

Please read our Handling Policy to understand the painstaking steps we take to ensure that ONLY your loved one will be Memorialized in your treasured "Forever" Artwork. Simply request a copy of our Policy by email and I'll reply right away.

More importantly, PLEASE visit our Facebook page at Rainbow Bridge Hearts to see what others have said about our efforts. We wear these Client's comments as our Badge of Honor and you have my promise that each Memorial receives the same care and attention to detail.

Erin’s phone number is 206 636 4063 for questions about ordering and payments. My personal cell phone number is 206 819 3056 if you need to know anything more or just want to talk about the process.

Our "Post Creation" offices are located in the Historic Interbay neighborhood of Seattle, WA and our main Creation Studios are located at Island Art Glass on beautiful Whidbey Island, WA as well as at the Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle.

My office address is 2680 Sunlight Beach Rd. Clinton, WA 98236


How to place your Order:

Please Remember: Each Memorial is Hand crafted from 14 oz. of Solid Glass. Just like Snowflakes in Nature, no two Memorials will be exactly alike. The pictures you see on the Catalog Page and Facebook are EXAMPLES of our finished work. Your Memorial will be similar to, but not exactly the same as the pictures.

Placing your order is a very simple, 3 step process:

1. First you decide on the Color and Shape of the Memorial that best suits you and the memory of your Loved One. If you're thinking of ordering more than one Memorial to take advantage of our discount, they do NOT need to be the same color or shape. We suggest that you select colors from the combinations on our catalog page or our Facebook page. If you need help with the colors, simply ask and we'll see about getting you additional pictures to help you decide.

2. Second, Decide if you would like an OPTIONAL Heart Stand and Lighted Base for your Heart or...A lighted Base for your Round, and let us know that as well. You'll find pictures and prices of these options on the Catalog page.

3. Finally, you SEND me an email with your choices as well as Your Name, Address and Phone number. Please don't forget to give me your baby's name ( Boy or Girl ) and attach a picture or two if possible. We realize that you may have given us some of this information before but I really need it all in one location to eliminate the possibility of any errors.

Our email address is:

Once we have your information, we will prepare a Special, Personalized Ashes Collection Kit and mail it to you. All of the information about the kit will be included. It's actually very simple :)

If you need help with any phase of the decision making process, simply ask. Erin and I are happy to make this process as simple as possible for you.


What does all this cost ?

Hand crafted Hearts, Rounds and Starfish cost $185ea or $145ea for two or more mailed to the same address.

The Pendants are $195ea with no quantity discount.

In all cases, you will be responsible for the shipping costs of returning the Ashes and shipping the Memorial back home to you.

The Stand and Lighted Base Option for Hearts cost $19.45ea. Hearts NEED the stand in order to be upright on the lighted base. The stand ( $4.45 ) may also be purchased without the lighted base if desired :)

The Lighted Base Option for Rounds costs $15ea


What about Shipping Costs ?

It may seem expensive but it is required by law that Cremated Remains must be shipped via the USPS Express Mail with Signature Required. This is how we will ship your Memorials back home to you so please provide us a shipping address that will have someone that can sign.


I will mail you the Ashes Collection Kit at No Charge. To keep my prices as low as possible, I Request that you don't order a kit unless you plan on having me create a Memorial for you :)  The Kit has all of the shipping supplies needed to Return your Loved One to me.

You and I are required by law to use Express Mail from the US Postal Service to ship Cremated Remains. This service comes with tracking and a Signature required.

Secure shipping of your Loved One's Ashes is costly but we wouldn't use any other method. Your Baby's safe journey is our number one priority as I'm sure it is for you.


Do you also Create Memorials from People's Ashes ?

Yes !    We Create the SAME Amazing works of art for our two legged loved ones and family members through our sister company, Artful Ashes. You can reach Greg and Christina at or on Facebook at Artful Ashes.

If you would like to have me Create BOTH your HUMAN & PET Memorials for you, I'd be honored to do so right here at Rainbow Bridge Hearts. Our Solid Glass memorials for Four Legged family members are exactly the same as for our Two legged friends. We use the same careful, caring and consistent creation procedures for both. If you’ve previously ordered a Memorial from Artful Ashes for your human loved one, you may also work with them to create your Pet Memorial.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you don't have your Ashes back yet from the Cremation Facility or your Vet, or you simply DON'T feel comfortable removing the Ashes or opening the Urn, PLEASE request they separate the 1 Tablespoon of Fine Ashes into a Ziploc pouch for you. They are happy to do this at no charge and doing this yourself at home can be very difficult from an emotional standpoint.