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•            What was the inspiration behind “Rainbow Bridge Hearts”? Was there a particular reason that you started the business?

When you store your Pet's Ashes in a box or in the closet, you’re filled with remorse and sadness at your loss. The inspiration for me was simple. As a lifelong fur family member, I wanted a way to help others to have a durable, affordable and personal everlasting way to remember their loved ones, without the sadness. The problem for many is the decision of burial or cremation. I wanted a way for families to use a small portion of the Ashes that could travel with them forever. Taking away the stress of burying their loved ones at home and then having to move at some other point in their lives.  I really feel we have created a perfect balance for our clients.

•            Do you have any heart-warming stories where you’ve made a big difference to a customer?

We have hundreds of heartwarming stories from our Families that can be found on our Facebook page at Rainbow Bridge Hearts or on our Instagram feed at RainbowBridgeHearts. Every family we work with has had a special bond with their fur buddy and most want to share that love with the world!. We request that, should you choose to use any of the testimonials from our online sources that you please check with us before using names or profile information from any families. You may use any photos you’d like as long as credit is given that they came from the Rainbow Bridge Hearts Facebook page or Instagram feed.

Whether it be in the form of a service animal, a Police or Fire & Rescue Dog or simply a Fur Family member. Each story resonates with our entire team. Tears are shed on a daily basis. Keeping in mind that many Pets don't live as long as their Humans, we have done hundreds of repeat Memorials for families that have lost many pets over the years. We wear this repeat business as a badge of honor and trust that was earned through compassion and understanding of what their furbaby’s meant to them and their families.  


•            What are you hoping your product/service brings to the people that buy it?

"Together, Forever" is our goal. From the Angel's Wings Pendant that can be worn proudly or displayed on the review mirror of the car or hung by the Christmas tree to the Heart and Round paperweight styles that can be colored to represent happy memories. The beauty of each Memorial piece is the uniqueness caused by the Ashes themselves. No two are exactly alike and our families love this. Just having the Memorial nearby and catching a glimpse of it in passing brings back happy thoughts. 

Very special care is taken to ensure that the Ashes of your pet are the only Ashes found in your Memorial. This process is included in the information packet given to each family and cannot be abbreviated or bypassed.

•            Is there anything else you’d like to say about the business or industry?

We've been approached by many other companies that have tried to "purchase" our company brand and with our "request denied" answer, have attempted to copy what we do. What they don't understand is that the compassion for the pet owners is the priority, not the money. We buck the industry trend by keeping our handmade glass art Memorials affordable for almost everyone while still paying each of our team members a real living wage.

Respect for the cliient and for the departed family member is our number one priority. It's not uncommon to spend an hour or more on the phone with an individual client or to have email conversations of 20 plus messages in order to gain the trust of a family willing to hand over a beloved pet. I love the part of the process where I get to interact with the Pet Moms and Dads and actually learn about their fur family, past and present. 

We absolutely LOVE what we do and the reactions from the Families when they recieve their completed works of Art.